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Moving from VMWare Server 2 to VMWare ESXi 4.1 – a walkthrough

I’m sitting here gradually migrating a bunch of VMs on to our new server running VMware vSphere Hypervisor Based on ESXi. It’s taking a little while, and I got a bit flummoxed at a couple of points so I thought I might document what I had to do in order to get it all working.

There’s nothing really complex here, but I found it confusing in a number of places, so hopefully this may be of use to others – it will certainly be a memory aid for me in the future.


We have an old Windows server the free running VMware Server 2 administered via VMware Infrastrutcure Web Access. There are some peculiarities if you want to run a console window in Firefox, but it generally works well, and is free, so I can’t really complain.

Whilst we’re doing this migration, we’re also looking at consolidating software licenses, an obvious candidate is the host machine running VMs – in this case I could either run VMware Server on Windows or Linux, or look at VMware vSphere based on ESXi. I’ve run VMware Server 2 on Ubuntu before – it was a bit of a nightmare and took a couple of days to get working properly, so I was keen to see if ESXi was any better. ESXi also runs bare metal as opposed to on top of another operating system, so there should be some performance benefits too.

So, VMware vSphere ESXi it is then.

All of the VMware software we’re using below is free, but you’ll have to register in order to download it.

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